Youth and Children: Recommended Reading

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1. Financial Inclusion for Children and Youth
Jan 2016, Child and Youth Finance International
Comprehensive overview of the current landscape with insights into upcoming opportunities

2. YouthSave 2010-2015: Findings from a Global Financial Inclusion Partnership
Oct 2015, YouthSave
Evaluating the potential of savings accounts as a tool for youth development and financial inclusion

3. Final Evaluation of the YouthStart Program
Sep 2015, UNCDF
Report on five years of outreach to youth with financial and non-financial services

4. Financial Services for Young People: Prospects and Challenges
Aug 2015, Mastercard Foundation
Portfolio review and exploration of four central questions on serving youth

5. More Inclusive Finance for Youth: Scalable and Sustainable Delivery Models for Financial and Non-Financial Services
May 2015, European Microfinance Platform (E-MFP)
Designing scalable financial and non-financial services for youth

6. Banking on Youth: A Guide to Developing Innovative Youth Savings Programs
Oct 2014, Women's World Banking
Discussing an efficient framework to develop savings programs tailored for the youth

7. The Business Case for Youth Savings: A Framework
Jul 2014, CGAP
Proposing a framework for the business case for youth savings

8. Banking a New Generation: Developing Responsible Retail Banking Products for Children and Youth
Mar 2014, Child and Youth Finance International, MasterCard
Defining a framework for driving financial institutions outreach to children and youth

9. Beyond the Buzz: The Allure and Challenge of Using Mobile Phones To Increase Youth Financial Inclusion
Sep 2013, New America Foundation
Recommendations for leveraging mobile technology to reach low-income youth

10. Understanding Youth and their Financial Needs
Jan 2013, The SEEP Network
Designing appropriate financial and educational support service for youth

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