#FinEquity2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Given current safety guidelines put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 annual event will be virtual. We will all really miss the in-person networking we’ve so enjoyed in the past; however, we do believe that this new format will have the benefit of opening up participation to a wider audience. And we will be employing various innovative means to ensure that online networking is an active element of #FinEquity2020. 

Yes, it is still possible to register here. Please also be sure to sign-up for Dgroups to keep up to date on the latest developments and news from the FinEquity community

Registration for #FinEquity2020 includes access to all of the sessions. We encourage you to attend the entire program on both days, as conversations will flow from one session to the next - the two exceptions are the “Derribando barreras para la inclusión financiera de la mujer en ALC: ¿Qué sabemos y qué podemos comenzar a resolver hoy?” session, which is only in Spanish, and the “Pandemic in Asia: Women's Digital Financial Services' Adoption and Resilience” which might be too late in the day for some participants.

One of FinEquity’s greatest strength is the diversity of our community. Time and again we’ve seen innovative discussions and partnerships bloom when members from different backgrounds come together around a problem which they might not consider themselves to be expert in. We do of course understand if you are unable to attend the entire event. 

As always, participation in our annual event is free.

A call for presenters was shared in our Newsletter and on Dgroups in the first half of October. Response was tremendous. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we were unable to accommodate all of those who applied and are no longer accepting new applications. If you have a topic you believe could be of interest to the FinEquity community as a future webinar or blog please email us at FinEquity@CGAP.org

Yes, and recordings will be shared on our website, Dgroups and social media as soon as they are available. 

While we do foresee offering translation for events at some point in the future, #FinEquity2020 will be held in English.

Yes, it is open to everyone who has registered for #FinEquity2020, however the entire program will be held in Spanish, without interpretation.  

FinEquityALC, is a sub-Community of Practice within FinEquity, established to promote women’s financial inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean. It was launched on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2020) to broaden engagement and exchange on women’s financial inclusion across that region. FinEquityALC Dgroups discussions are held in Spanish. 

FinEquity, in partnership with MSC, is hosting this 90-minute program at a time that makes it easier for FinEquity members based in the Asia-Pacific time-zone to participate live in #FinEquity2020. The program, which includes a debate, break-out sessions and more, will focus on experiences from the region, but will be of interest to anyone interested in women’s financial inclusion globally. All #FinEquity2020 participants are welcome to attend. 

We will share the ZOOM link on November 5.

Should you experience technical difficulties during #FinEquity2020 please contact Daniel Contreras dcontreras1@worldbank.org

There is only one registration link for all of #FinEquity2020. Registration allows access all sessions, including the “Derribando barreras para la inclusión financiera de la mujer en ALC: ¿Qué sabemos y qué podemos comenzar a resolver hoy?” and “Pandemic in Asia: Women's Digital Financial Services' Adoption and Resilience” sessions.

If so, please send an email to: FinEquity@CGAP.org