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Financial Inclusion and FinDev Gateway: Voices From Our Community

In this new FinDev video, see how your colleagues are using our knowledge-sharing platform. And let us know what FinDev means to you.

Watch this video and discover how colleagues from across the financial inclusion sector and around the world use the FinDev Gateway platform. Let us know how you use FinDev in the comments section below.


Quotes from the Video:


"For me, I think FinDev Gateway is a very powerful platform where practitioners with a common goal, can share their knowledge, their experiences, their lessons."

- Moonmoon Shehrin, Digital Cluster Lead - BRAC, Bangladesh


"It’s a place for thinking about how to improve lives by sharing knowledge."

- Christopher Calabia, Senior Advisor - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


"It helps you think more and more out of the box and getting different ideas."

- Esido Mushwana, Lead, Research & Development - Small Enterprise Foundation, South Africa


"There is always quality and recent information on FinDev."

- Patience Motokolo, Researcher - Small Enterprise Foundation, South Africa


"It is more than a simple platform, it’s a decision-making tool."

- Jean Pascal Mvondo, Francophone Africa and Middle East Lead - Better Than Cash Alliance, UN


"What is urgent today is that no one re-invents the wheel, but that we all learn collectively. And that is precisely what FinDev Gateway helps us do better, to learn from the experiences of others, so that we don’t repeat their mistakes."

- Carolina Trivelli, Former Minister of Development & Social Inclusion, Peru


"FinDev has a comprehensive library of resources for anyone interested in financial inclusion."

- Bdour Al-Hyari, Director of Strategic Planning & Business Development - Microfund for Women, Jordan


FinDev is a crucial component of the women’s financial inclusion community of practice that we convene. We used the FinDev platform because we didn’t have to go out and find our audience. They came and found us there. Because FinDev is the place where everybody goes in the financial inclusion community."

- Yasmin Bin-Humam, Program Manager, FinEquity - CGAP


"It’s a community of the service providers, it’s a community of the consumer advocates, it’s a community of the technical assistance providers, policymakers, so it really is a reflection of the conversations that are happening on the ground."

- Ashirul Amin, Managing Principal Consultant - BFA Global


How do you use FinDev Gateway? Leave us a comment below. Thank you!




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Weselina Angelow , Director at the Scale2Save programme of the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute (WSBI), Belgium
27 October 2021

FinDev Gateway is the top platform where the global financial inclusion community comes together to learn from each other, to stay up to date and even to get inspired.

Lucia Spaggiari , MFR, Italia
26 October 2021

The FinDev Gateway provides a reliable source of in depth analysis and easy to absorb news. In a world of aboundant information, having the FinDev Gateway organizing contents is a real added value to keep updated in a feasible manner. Congrats to the team!

Aleksandra Karabon , Microfinance Centre, Poland
25 October 2021

FinDev Gateway portal is number one knowledge platform in the financial inclusion industry. We partner with them to share our research, good practice case study, promote events and engage more professionals and practitioners from the global community to get them interested in the work we and our Members do in Europe and Central Asia. FinDev is also a great source of knowledge on other partners activities.

Julia Beneke
18 October 2021

FinDev is MY personal gateway to the financial inclusion world! The blog inspires me to dive into new topics and the case studies share helpful insights from the field. Always happy to explore this platform and to have the chance to publish my own work.

Leah Wardle , SPTF, United States
15 October 2021

At SPTF, we're so grateful that FinDev exists. Not only do we use FinDev to publicize OUR materials and events to the industry, we use the blog, publications, and events calendar to stay in touch with what others are creating. No other site plays this role for the industry.

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