Case study

Organisational Review of Stromme Foundation

A performance assessment of Strømme Foundation and recommendations for its development efforts
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This report by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) presents an organizational review of its developmental partner Stromme Foundation (SF), a Norwegian foundation based on Christian values with a mission to eradicate poverty. The review aims to establish dialogue between the two partners about a renewed framework agreement and presents constructive recommendations for SF’s developmental efforts.

The review finds that SF’s activities are in accordance to Norwegian policy priorities and relevant to partners and target groups. SF has the professional, financial and administrative capacity to carry out programs under the framework agreement with Norad. However, it suggests that SF could improve in the areas of:

  • Effective programming of developmental efforts;
  • Adding greater value to the relationship between head office and regional offices;
  • Better understanding of education;
  • Developing more sustainable model for microfinance activities.

The review suggests that in its new framework agreement, SF should visualize its main product lines, clarify its educational concept, outline a better relationship between offices, focus on funding and promoting self-help microfinance groups, and strengthen smaller MFIs through the provision of technical assistance, (quasi-) equity and corporate governance.