Olubukola Olayiwola , University of South Florida, United States
24 April 2020

Obviously, many of the informal sectors operators are affected by this COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to point to some of the existing financial vulnerability issues suffered due to default/repayments particularly by women borrowers for instance in southwest Nigeria. This is where I conducted my dissertation research. In terms of the suggestion "Reliable information is needed to shape the response," I think at this time, there is need to make use of jingles via radio houses and text-messages to let MFBs/MFIs customers/borrowers know that their interests take precedence at this crisis period. This will keep their minds at rest as they battle with other immediate issues in their various households. Also, loan officers (particularly with default portfolios) equally are expected to be treated with utmost consideration by their immediate supervisors and employers.

In addition, it is important to for various MFBs/MFIs to treat their customers based on their specific situations as the impacts are of different magnitude depending on existing issues prior to this pandemic.