Adebimpe Esther Ogunleye , Microfinance , Nigeria
28 April 2020

Post-Covid19 pandemic on MFIs will be really strong and the most important issues is around keeping the clients comfortable through constant communication to assure them of the deep understanding of the impact of the pandemic over their livelihood by the MFI. Furthermore, that the MFI is willing to support them in getting back to their economic activity, This will be achievable with an MFI that also keeps its staff members comfortable in assuring them of their job protection. The Account Officers are the link between the clients and the bank hence conscious effort to gain their loyalty towards keeping the clients well informed to protect the MFI's interest is very critical. MFIs have to be circumstantial in reviewing their loan portfolio in other to take informed decisions on the management of their risk asset portfolio and also the hygiene of it. Opportunity of getting intervention funds and grants to manage post covid19 impact on the business of MFIs is very important to address liquidity issues that will arise because of loss opportunity to collect repayments and the need to reflate the bank with new business. With a professional and diversified Board membership, initiatives leaning on their experiences will go a long way to address the issues that will arise post-covid19 for MFIs. Strong team work and commitment to rise above the effect of the pandemic must start from the top and be so implemented within the organization.