Influencing the NAPs Inclusion - A Toolkit for Microfinance Organisations

How can MFIs achieve social impact?
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This toolkit aims to help MFIs and other European Microfinance Network (EMN) members mobilize and improve the National Action Plans against poverty and social exclusion (NAPs Inclusion). NAPs are documents and processes that help to define European, national and local social inclusion policies. A survey of EMN members found that there was strong demand for achieving a more entrepreneurial friendly national environment. The inclusion of a policy instrument in the NAPs will help to mainstream the work and it’s funding, making it more likely that national governments will provide support for the approach through funding and subsidies. The toolkit makes the process of lobbying at the national level understandable and gives tips on how European microfinance actors can lobby effectively to influence their NAPs. These include:

  • Gather relevant information and analysis;
  • Build a NAPs group and consult with others;
  • Identify what needs to change;
  • Take initiative;
  • Monitor progress.

About this Publication

By Barceló, M. & Ramsden, P.