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Gateway Guide to Mobile Banking

Highlighting noteworthy resources on mobile banking
Man paying with mobile money in India. Photo Credit: Dipayan Bhar, 2015 CGAP Photo Contest

There has been growing interest in mobile banking as organizations start developing, expanding and innovating with digital financial services for financial inclusion. The Mobile World Congress 2016, currently going on from 22-25 February, is highlighting the exciting developments at the intersection between mobile technology and the financial inclusion sector. According to GSMA's 2015 State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money, mobile money is reaching over 411 million people worldwide.

This Gateway Guide presents some of the recent publications from this rapidly evolving topic.


Digital Financial Solutions to Advance Women’s Economic Participation

How various actors can bring more women into the global economy through digital financial services

Digital Banking in Emerging Asia – Progress and Prospects

A report on the rapid shift in banking trends in Asian emerging markets

Enabling Digital Financial Inclusion through Improvements in Competition and Interoperability: What Works and What Doesn't?

An evaluation of potential cooperation and competition with new mobile payment paradigms

Mobile Money Services: Design and Development for Financial Inclusion

Designing inclusive mobile money services with a higher likelihood of success

The Mobile Economy 2015

Examining the growth of the global mobile economy


The Mobile Banking Customer That Isn’t: Drivers of Digital Financial Services Inactivity in Côte d’Ivoire

Why aren't registered customers using the digital financial services on offer?

FINCA EXPRESS Tanzania – Mobilizing Savings Through Agency Banking

A case study in digital finance for microfinance practitioners

Digital Field Applications: Case Study

Measuring impact of new digital services on the ground

Expanding Access to Finance Through Mobile Payments: Lessons Learned for MFI-Mobile Network Operator Partnerships

Developing successful partnerships between MFIs and mobile network operators

The Safaricom M-Pesa Pilot Test

Understanding the success factors behind Safaricom’s M-PESA

How M-Shwari Works: The Story So Far

Evaluating the use of M-Shwari as a tool for financial inclusion in Kenya

Can you Really Use Mobile Money for Microfinance: Lessons from a Pilot

Setting up sustainable mobile-money based microfinance models

Pilot Project Report: Using Mobile Money to Link Savings Groups to Financial Institutions

Sharing insights from a pilot project promoting the use of mobile money as a savings tool

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