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Top Ten Blog Posts of 2018

Which blog posts did you read the most last year?
Leather dyeing in Morocco. Photo by Ihab Fayad, 2017 CGAP Photo Contest.

In 2018, FinDev Gateway published more blog posts than ever before, thanks to so many of our partner organizations and contributing community members. So which ones did you read the most? Here’s a look at the top ten blog posts (by number of pageviews) for 2018. Many of the issues discussed reflect trending topics in the financial inclusion sector, including digital finance, fintechs, women’s financial inclusion and financial services for refugees.

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2018

The Microfinance Gateway is now FinDev Gateway

Why We Changed Our Name

Coming in at #1 we have our revelatory blog post on our new name. Looks like we piqued your curiosity when we changed our name after 18 years. The Microfinance Gateway became FinDev Gateway. Why the name change? Read this blog post to find out!

Financial needs assessment of refugees in Gihembe camp, Rwanda. Photo credit: UNHCR

5 Things You Should Know About Financial Services for Refugees

Financial services for refugees was a hot topic this year, as the two blog posts we published on it made it into the top ten (see also #9). High repayment rates, technology solutions, and new research tell us that it’s time for the financial industry to think about refugees.

Fishermen in Indonesia use fish finder application. Photo credit: Afriadi Hikmal, 2017 CGAP Photo Contest.

Yes, Microfinance Is Alive, But Does It Still Matter?

The provocative title probably drew many readers to this blog post, which takes a big picture view of microfinance and debates whether it is still relevant. Where is the microfinance industry going now and what do MFIs need to do to stay relevant?

Woman conducting business on mobile phone, India. Photo credit: Chara Lata Sharma, 2017 CGAP Photo Contest.

Grappling With India’s National Biometric-Based Payments System

India is the top country where FinDev Gateway users come from, so it’s no surprise that a blog post on this big, diverse country would draw in a lot of readers. Especially a post on the challenges of dealing with their country’s - and the world’s first! - ground-breaking biometric-based payments system. In this post, Grameen Foundation - one of our top blog contributors - shares their experience with the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS).

Fishing in China. Photo credit: Hongning Xu, 2015 CGAP Photo Contest.

Fintech As a Pathway to Financial Inclusion? The Case of China

Everyone wants to know what’s going on in mysterious China. Fintechs are huge there and mobile platforms seem to be taking over the economy. Is this helping them on a path to greater financial inclusion? This blog post looks at two Chinese fintech models to illustrate the opportunities and risks involved.

Global Money Week 2017, Kenya. Photo credit: Child & Youth Finance International

Five Common Misconceptions About Financial Education for Children and Youth

Every year our partners over at Child and Youth Finance International put together some interesting and illuminating content ahead of their annual Global Money Week. This blog post helps to dispel some common myths about financial education for young people.

Marloes Noppen

What Is Crowdfunding and How Could It Help Financial Inclusion?

It is always a privilege to work with our partners at European Microfinance Week and meet the fascinating speakers they line up each year. This year, we got to talk crowdfunding with Marloes Noppen of Symbiotics and learn about the growing role it is playing in the inclusive finance sector.

Cafe run by women survivors of acid attacks, India. Photo credit: Sourav Karmakar, 2017 CGAP Photo Contest.

Women’s Empowerment Indicators

One of our first blog posts of the year, this post was part of the blog series Women’s Financial Inclusion Data, which took a deep-dive into the demand and supply-side data sets on financial inclusion, using a gender lens to understand data availability, limitations, and challenges. The blogs were based on a series of online learning events hosted by FinEquity (formerly known as Women’s Financial Inclusion Community of Practice), which aimed to shed light on existing sex-disaggregated data in financial inclusion.

Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan. Photo credit: Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Getting It Right: Providing Financial Services to Refugees

More on the hot topic of financial services for refugees. See #2 above! This post was also part of FinDev Gateway’s participation in CFI-Accion’s Financial Inclusion Week this year, which had a theme of “Getting Inclusion Right.”

Tailor and microentrepreneur in Ghana. Photo by Kristin Weidner, 2017 CGAP Photo Contest.

First, Do No Harm

Another contribution from our prolific partners at FinEquity (formerly known as Women's Financial Inclusion Community of Practice), this blog post looks at how we can incorporate gender norms into microfinance client protection principles.

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