Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation Lends $3.7M to Assilassimé Solidarite of Togo, Agora Microfinance Zambia

The Grameen Credit Agricole (GCA) Foundation, whose head office is in Luxembourg, has announced its disbursal of local-currency loans to Togo-based Assilassimé Solidarite in an amount approximately equivalent to $2.5 million and Agora Microfinance Zambia (AMZ) in an amount approximately equivalent to $1.2 million.

Assilassimé is a nonprofit microfinance institution (MFI) that seeks to “provide sustainable access to social microfinance services adapted for people experiencing exclusion or extreme poverty.” It delivers savings, loans and training services to approximately 17,500 women and 1,700 men. As of December 2020, Assilassimé reported a loan book of EUR 2.9 million ($3.4 million) and client savings of EUR 1.7 million ($2 million).

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