A New Chapter for MIX: Two Shifts for Greater Impact

In the context of a rapidly evolving landscape for inclusive finance, MIX is making two important shifts to increase our value to the sector.   

  1. Refocusing efforts on catalytic data initiatives in fintech, digital and agricultural finance. MIX will be exclusively focused on these initiatives, which ensure equitable capital flows, encourage the growth of inclusive markets, and support informed thinking on the future of financial services. New partnerships will be announced in the coming weeks and months to further this work.
  2. Transitioning the dataset powering MIX Market to the World Bank’s Data Catalog, which consolidates access to the World Bank’s flagship datasets.  In this new home, the dataset covering thousands of microfinance providers will be open to the public and can be combined with other global finance and development data for richer insights. As part of this transition happening in Q4 2019, MIX will no longer offer microfinance subscription data products and will conclude ongoing data collection.

Together, these strategic shifts will allow MIX to focus on the growing areas where it can have a transformational impact. MIX’s catalytic data initiatives have been developed in direct response to what investors and funders have been saying: a need for data standards and solutions that create visibility and transparency, allowing capital to flow to emerging spaces and ensuring healthy market growth. 

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