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On 1 February, 2018 the Microfinance Gateway will host a webinar, entitled "Ready to Learn? Early Lessons from Gateway Academy on Launching an eLearning Program".

Human capacity is a critical component of delivering financial services, yet many financial service providers (FSPs), particularly those targeting the poor in developing countries, consistently struggle to develop and manage their human capital. Overcoming the sector’s capacity constraints requires new and innovative approaches.

Gateway Academy, an initiative developed by CGAP in partnership with Mastercard Foundation, is using eLearning to scale up existing human capital development efforts for financial inclusion by working with Training Service Providers (TSPs) in seven target Sub-Saharan African countries — Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi,  Rwanda, Uganda, and Ghana.

In the last year, Gateway Academy has tested five courses with more than a dozen FSPs. While the program is still at an early stage, Gateway Academy has observed common opportunities and obstacles as FSPs launch their eLearning programs.

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