Remote and Hybrid Working Amplfying Burnout in Financial Service Professionals - Survey Results

A new study by LemonEdge, a global digital accountancy platform for the private capital and venture capital industry, found that while some workers have experienced the positive benefits of hybrid working, and even decreased levels of burnout, a third (33 percent) of financial and banking services workers state levels of burnout has increased due to changes in work environment since the pandemic and working from home hybrid model. Within this, one in six (14 percent) state burnout has increased exponentially.

With businesses settling into hybrid work arrangements, implementing in office and work from home set ups, the study by LemonEdge looked into the impact working from home and hybrid working has had on professionals in financial and banking services. Over one in three (37 percent) workers claimed the driving factor of burnout has come from increased workloads imposed upon employees. This was closely followed by increased work demands (36 percent) longer working hours (34 percent) and tech challenges (32 percent).

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