Below, you will find latest news on the impact of coronavirus on financial inclusion.

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Fintech And Coronavirus: US Stimulus Payments Boosted Mobile Banking Registrations 200 Percent
 | Forbes | US
Consumer use of mobile finance, banking and insurance apps jumped 71 percent in 2019. In 2020, however, they’ve gone from nice-to-have to essential.

At Mercy of Banks, India's Cash-Tight Shadow Lenders Face New Turmoil
 | Yahoo Finance | India
All major state-owned and private banks have stopped lending to non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) due to concerns about their financial health.

Is the Coronavirus Killing Off Cash?
 | Politico 
Tech firms see the opportunity they’ve been waiting for as shoppers and business recoil from paper money. Who’s hurt when legal tender goes away?

Here's How Non-Bank Lenders Plan to Raise Money
 | Economic Times | India 
Small non-bank lenders plan to come together and sell bonds that make the cut for bank financing.

Bitcoin ATMs Expand Despite Shelter-in-Place Rules
 | CoinDesk 
Tucked into corners of grocery stores, gas stations and transit hubs, crypto ATMs are still allowed to operate amid the coronavirus contagion event. And some are thriving.

Russians Withdrew a Year’s Worth of Cash in a Month Over Coronavirus Fears
 | CoinDesk | Russia
Amid the coronavirus pandemic Russians are stocking up on cash.

Microfinance Firms in Turmoil as Collections Come to a Grinding Halt
 | Business Line | India
The lockdown has brought the collection operations of microfinance institutions (MFIs) to a halt, as about 95 percent of the loan repayments are still done through cash.

COVID-19 Puts Focus on Social Responsibility in Asia Pacific
 | Jakarta Post | Indonesia
The coronavirus pandemic has magnified and exposed social imbalances in the region – underscoring the importance of financial inclusion as well as environmental, social and corporate governance.

Group of Non-Bank Lenders to Issue Pooled Debt Instruments
 | Economic Times | India
This will help firms below investment grade access the liquidity tap since such joint effort would typically enhance their credit rating.

FINCA International Launches Emergency Response Fund for COVID-19
 | FINCA International 
FINCA International mobilized to address the needs of the most vulnerable in the countries where it works, launching the FINCA Emergency Response Fund.

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