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What Women Say About Microfinance

This report offers an in-depth look at the impact of microfinance and financial services on women's financial resilience, access to finance, and on their businesses and households. 


60 Decibels Global Microfinance Index Reveals New Findings in Landmark 2023 Report

60 Decibels listened to more than 32,000 microfinance clients, bringing their complete Microfinance Index dataset from 2022 & 2023 to more than 50,000 clients globally — more than 1 million unique data points.


2023 Microfinance Index Report

Based on interviews with over 32,000 borrowers in 32 countries spanning Asia, Africa, and Latin America, this report explores the impact of microfinance on the lives of some of the world's most marginalized communities.


60 Decibels Microfinance Index

This publication is the world’s first microfinance social performance report grounded in customer voices, featuring 72 microfinance organizations that serve a total of 25 million clients in 41 countries across the globe.