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Fintech for Inclusion Global Summit

This global forum will bring together global leaders across the fintech space to discuss the latest insights and innovations in fintech, build networks with key players in the space, and explore potential investment and partnership opportunities to help create a more financially inclusive world. 


Strategies to Optimize MSME-Centered Supply Chain Finance Solutions: A Study of Ghana, Ethiopia, and Nigeria

Given the urgency of digital transformation to build an inclusive recovery, this paper provides timely insights into how to enable supply chain finance models in three African countries.

Guide / Toolkit

Building Cyber Resilience for Digital Financial Inclusion and Innovation

The Cyber Resilience Toolkit provides a guide to strengthening cybersecurity and effectively handling cyber incidents for financial service providers.

Case Study

How Providers Can Build Products That Improve Financial Health: Examples From Mexico and Chile

This paper shares the key challenges, learnings, and overall results from five case studies in Chile and Mexico, uncovering best practices on how to design for and influence financial health.

External Webinar

How Can Data Open Opportunity for Women During and After COVID-19?

Hear from leaders of three financial service providers and fintechs about their successes and challenges in gathering and analyzing data in ways that specifically address the evolving needs of women during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guide / Toolkit

Guide to Remote Due Diligence

How investors and startup founders can conduct a successful due diligence process remotely
External Webinar

Leadership in the Time of COVID-19: Guidance for Financial Service Providers

In this webinar, Accion is highlighting partners from different regions of the world to share how they are ​supporting their clients, staff, and business operations as the pandemic crisis unfolds.

Guide / Toolkit

Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Guidance for Financial Service Providers

Findings from Accion's interviews with partners on how COVID-19 is impacting the financial industry and recommendations for senior leaders to protect their customers, employees, and business operations.