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Guide / Toolkit

The Digital Transformation Guide

Through real examples of implementation experiences across FSP partners, this guide unpacks six key strategies that financial inclusion-focused institutions need to keep in mind as they progress down the path of digital transformation.


The Critical Connection: Governments, Private Institutions and the Informal Sector in Latin America

What roles should government, donors and NGOs assume in microenterprise development?

Client Focused Lending: The Art of Individual Lending

What are the issues to consider in provision of individual loans?

Poverty Outreach Findings: Mibanco, Peru

What is the poverty profile of microfinance clients in Mibanco, Peru?

Making Microfinance Transparent: ACCION Policy Paper on Transparency

How is ACCION's commitment to transparency realised?

Economic Profile for 15 MicroKing Clients in Zimbabwe

What impact has MicroKing Finance had on clients in Zimbabwe?

ACCION Poverty Assessment Framework

A proposed structure for the initial poverty assessment

Building the Homes of the Poor - One Brick at a Time: Housing Improvement Lending at Mibanco

Can progressive building be financed as well as long-term projects?

The Hidden Beast: Delinquency in Microenterprise Credit Programs

Methods for managing delinquency in microenterprise credit programmes and control strategies