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Youth Savings Patterns and Performance: Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal

Analyzing trends in the use of savings accounts among youth

How Can the Poor Save? Theory and Evidence on Saving in Low-Income Households

What propositions should be tested to find out about savings opportunities and contraints?

The Material Conditions for Microenterprise Programs in the United States and the Third World

Can microenterprise programs be as successful in the United Sates as in the Third World?

Women, Microfinance and Savings: Lessons and Proposals

What informal savings mechanisms do women use?
Case study

Building Social Capital from the Centre: A Village-Level Investigation of Bangladesh's Grameen Bank

Analyzing whether weekly meetings help in building social capital in the community

Economic Empowerment as a Health Care Intervention among Orphaned Children in Rural Uganda

What role do assets play in reversing the trajectory of HIV/AIDS in Uganda?

Financial Education and Savings Outcomes in Individual Development Accounts

What effects do financial education have on the poor?

Saving and Asset-Accumulation Strategies Used by Low-Income Individuals

Proceedings from "“Inclusion in Asset Building: Research and Policy Symposium”", 2001