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What Win-Win Lost: Rethinking Microfinance Subsidy in the Past and Designing for the Future

This working paper calls for reclaiming the power and value of subsidy to accomplish policy goals in order for the future of social investment in microfinance to be more effective.


MFI Digitization in Central America’s Northern Triangle: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

This paper presents findings from a study to assess microfinance sector digitization, and shares valuable recommendations to prepare the sector for the potential digital divide ahead.


Narrowing the Gender Gap in Mobile Banking

Evidence from field experiments in Bangladesh examining the gender gap in the adoption and usage of mobile banking


COVID-19 and the Future of Microfinance: Evidence and Insights from Pakistan

Findings from a survey of microenterprise owners, loan officers and regulators

Exploring the Business Models behind Microsavings

Looking at how the microfinance industry is doing on providing savings services

The Wisdom of the Group: How Lessons from Savings Groups Can Guide Financial Product Innovation

Analyzing the mechanisms that make savings groups effective

Migration as a Strategy for Household Finance: A Research Agenda on Remittances, Payments, and Development

Studying remittances to better understand their increasing role in economic development

Responsible Consumer Lending

Studying consumer lending as a tool to help the poor cope with their consumption financing needs

Is Micro Too Small? Microcredit vs. SME Finance

Do small and medium enterprises create more jobs for poor households than microenterprises?
Case Study

Turning Interest into Savings

Testing a debt-to-savings product in India