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COVID-19 and the Future of Microfinance: Evidence and Insights from Pakistan

Findings from a survey of microenterprise owners, loan officers and regulators

The Wisdom of the Group: How Lessons from Savings Groups Can Guide Financial Product Innovation

Analyzing the mechanisms that make savings groups effective

Exploring the Business Models behind Microsavings

Looking at how the microfinance industry is doing on providing savings services

Helping the Poor Save More

Highlighting the importance of marketing in getting poor people to save

Microfinance Impact: Bias from Dropouts

Examining potential source of bias in cross-sectional impact assessment

Access to Finance: Ideas and Evidence - Risk Management and Insurance

Analyzing reasons for low insurance demand among rural households

Evaluation Fundamentals

Highlighting the importance of impact evaluations in microinsurance

Microfinance: Analytical Issues for India

Identifying elements contributing to growth of microfinance in India

Access to Finance: Ideas and Evidence- The Economics of Saving

Assessing options for designing and implementing consumer protection rules
Case study

Turning Interest into Savings

Testing a debt-to-savings product in India