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Putting the 'Social' Into Performance Management: State of Practice

Scaling up social performance management in microfinance
Case Study

Using Microfinance to Fight Poverty, Empower Women and Address Gender-based Violence and HIV

Exploring the potential of microfinance as a platform for social change

The Vulnerability of 'Self-Help': Women and Microfinance in South India

Examining the role of state institutions in the microfinance sector

Microfinance Impact and the MDGs: The Challenge of Scaling-up

How can microfinance avoid the mission drift that is possible due to scaling-up?

Social Performance Management in Microfinance: Guidelines

Providing a framework for MFIs to manage their social performance

What Makes Microcredit Programmes Effective? Fashionable Fallacies and Workable Realities

There is more than one route to make micro-credit systems viable

How To Arrange A Micro-Credit Process

Micro-credit for people living in National Parks