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How to Reduce Arrears in Microfinance Institutions

What are the causes of, and solutions for, arrears in microfinance institutions?

India's Regional Rural Banks: The Institutional Dimension of Reforms

What is the key to success for the reform of Regional Rural Banks?

Replication: Regressive Reproduction or Progressive Evolution?

Replicating microfinance programs successfully requires careful research into clients' needs

The Impact of Outcome-based Assessment on Microenterprise Programs

What are the institutional effects of outcome based assessment in the US?
Guide / Toolkit

Client Exit Surveys: A Tool for Understanding Client "Drop-Out"

How drop out clients can contribute to effective impact assesment

Capital Enhancement Guarantees and Risk Management by Capital-Constrained Lenders

Examining techniques that can encourage lenders to make loans they wouldn't otherwise make

Client Information Sharing in Bolivia

Integrating microcredit clients into credit information systems

Small Business Promotion and Microlending: A Comparative Assessment of Jamaican and Israeli NGOs

How much does institutional bureaucracy influence organisational outcomes?

Microfinance Myopia: Lessons from the Mainstream

Is microfinance a victim of marketing myopia?

Bringing Development Back into Microfinance

How can development and microfinance work together? Management versus models versus outreach