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Indians’ Access to Mobile Money Jumps 17-Fold in Four Years: IMF

IMF’s financial access survey for 2020 said the number of registered mobile money accounts per thousand adults jumped from 73 in 2015 to 1,265 in 2019.


Why Migrant Workers in Gulf Countries Are Sending Record Amount of Money Home

Overall, remittances to the Asia-Pacific region will drop 12 percent in the second half of 2020 compared with the same period last year, Fitch Ratings says.


India: Government Survey To Focus on Migrant Woes and Assess Remittance Risk

The household survey will also capture remittance risks to the rural economy until the pandemic is contained.


India: Crisis to Boost Mobile Payments, Says Report

Mobile-based payments will be resilient and overtake card payments in India, with the covid-19-induced economic slowdown likely to put a pause on the rapid rise of cashless payments in 2020.


India: Paytm's 'Spend Now, Pay Next Month' Option Available at Local Kirana Stores

Paytm has expanded Paytm Postpaid facility to offline retail outlets and neighborhood kirana shops.


India: Digital Lenders Struggle to Cope With Slowdown Induced by Virus

Digital lenders are seeking guidelines for full digitization and allowing eKYC and eSign mandates.


RBI May Announce Separate Credit Line to Rescue MFIs

MFIs, like other financial institutions, are in a fix over whether they can avail of the moratorium benefit on term-loan repayments given to all borrowers


The Rising Threat of Microfinance Defaults

Minimizing microfinance loan defaults