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Public-Private Partnerships in Microfinance: Should NGO Involvement be Restricted?

Is the involvement of non-government-organizations beneficial to microfinance operations?
Case study

Evaluating Financial Health of Credit Cooperatives in Maharashtra of India

Why is there a disparity in the performance of credit cooperatives of Maharashtra, India?

Microfinance Institutions in Nigeria

Tracking evolution of microfinance in Nigeria

Child Labour and Schooling Responses to Access to Microcredit in Rural Bangladesh

Impact of microcredit on children's education and child labor

Group Lending Versus Individual Lending in Microfinance

Analyzing incentive mechanisms in individual and group lending contracts

Closing the Gap: The Link between Social Capital and Microfinance Services

Effect of social capital on productivity and performance of the Mexican solidarity funds

Microfinance and Inequality

Focusing on the equalizing effect of microfinance

Microcredit in Advanced Economies as a "Third Way”: A Theoretical Reflection

Investigating role of microcredit in developed economies

Microfinance and Self-Help Finance System to Reduce Poverty from Pakistan: An IT-Based Solution

Paper presented at "National Conference on Community Development," March 10, 2010, Karachi, Pakistan