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Policy Options for Rice and Corn Farmers in the Face of Seasonal Climate Variability

Providing agricultural services to improve welfare of farming communities

Crop Insurance: Security for Farmers and Agricultural Stakeholders in the Face of Seasonal Climate Variability

Has the crop insurance program succeeded in the Philippines?
Case Study

Developing Principles for the Regulation of Microinsurance: Philippine Case Study

Insights for development of microinsurance regulation

Microinsurance in the Philippines: Policy and Regulatory Issues and Challenges

This study assesses the state of microinsurance in the country

Innovations as Response to Failures in Rural Financial Markets

Understanding the need for innovations in Filipino financial institutions

Is the Promise Being Fulfilled?...Microfinance in the Philippines: Status, Issues and Challenges

Examining the changes in the concept of microfinance in Philippines

In-depth Analysis on the Access to and Suitability of the Loans

Credit cooperatives helping poor people access reliable sources of credit in the Philippines

The Role of other Economically Active Household Members in Poverty Alleviation

Can access to microfinance impact the income of other economically active members of poor families?

Extent of Asset Accumulation of the Households

Examining the effect of credit on asset accumulation among low-income households in the Philippines

Household Poverty: Addressing the Core of Microfinance

The impact of the Phillipines' community-oriented financial intermediaries system