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Financial Trainer (Consultancy contract)


New Insights Into An Evolving P2P Lending Industry

How shifts in roles and risk are shaping the industry

The Role of Microfinance Ratings in the Sustainable Development of China’s Financial Inclusion Sector

Exploring the use of ratings for enhancing access to finance in China

Rural Credit Cooperatives in China

Reforming China's Rural Credit Co-operatives for microfinance delivery

How Can MFIs Best Work in Competitive and Saturated Markets?

How can an MFI improve its performance in a competitive and saturated market?

Microfinance and Health Program in Benin

What are the socio-economic factors that make a population more susceptible to malaria?

Affordable Technologies for Sustainable Development

Exploring the relationship between microfinance and IT

Brief Report on Microfinance's Present State in the World

A look at the growth of microfinance in the world

Microfinance Role in Post Conflict and Crisis Situations

Microcredit and group formation in conflict-affected areas for financial and social empowerment