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Making Markets Work for the Poor: Challenges to SIDA's Support to Private Sector Development

Private sector development: Instrument for poverty reduction

Agricultural Finance in Uganda: The Way Forward

Strategy to promote sustainable agricultural finance in Uganda

Developing Microfinance in the North and East of Sri Lanka

Examining the role of microfinance in economic recovery of North and East of Sri Lanka

Enterprise Development - Micro-credit and Equality Between Women and Men

Women's empowerment and micro credit programs
Case study

Participation and Sustainability in Social Projects: The Experience of the Local Development Program (PRODEL) in Nicaragua

Lowering the costs of construction through community participation

Is Microfinance a Good Poverty Alleviation Strategy? Evidence from Impact Assessment

Examining empirical evidence on the role of microfinance in poverty reduction
Case study

Making Financial Markets Work for the Poor: Guidelines on Microfinance

How can Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation effectively support microfinance?

Housing Microfinance: Policy Recommendations for Sida's Programs

This paper discusses the lessons learnt from Sida's global experience in housing microfinance