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UN Capital Development Fund Sets Off on Strategic Reimagining Around Blended Finance with Appointment of New Executive Secretary

Strategic Focus will center on deploying UNCDF’s capability to strengthen UN’s Development Offer by crowding in private sector finance to scale development impact in countries at greatest risk of being left behind.


Sierra Leone Government, EU, and UNDCF Officially Launch 'Salone Access to Finance' Project to Empower Farmers

This pioneering initiative will improve access to finance over the next five years, contributing to scale up digital financial solutions and piloting insurance to 500,000 low-income farmers, including women, youth entrepreneurs.


Empowering Last-Mile Communities With Parametric Insurance and Financial Inclusion Services in the Pacific

The 27th Consumer Empowerment and Market Conduct and 10th Inclusive Green Finance Working Group came together on 4-7 March to discuss how financial services that target ‘last-mile’ communities, such as parametric insurance, can be more customer-centric and empowering.


Invest in Women: UNCDF's Gender Strategy 2022-2025

What “Investing in Women” means in a practical sense involves capabilities around deploying gender-lensed investment tools in real economies to advance women’s economic empowerment, notably in the world’s most challenging geographies.


New Mobile Money Service Welcomed as a Tool for Financial Inclusion in Solomon Islands

Launched in June 2023 by the country’s largest telecommunications provider, the new mobile money service M-Selen aims to bring basic financial services to the fingertips of everyday Solomon Islanders.


Facilitating Access to Finance for MSMEs in Agriculture in Sierra Leone

By addressing the need for improved access to financial services and support for MSMEs in agriculture, the project aims to contribute to the creation of jobs and the sustainable and inclusive economic development of the sector.


Scaling Parametric Insurance in Pacific Small Island Developing States Through Meso- Level Solutions

This publication focuses on promoting meso-level insurance products designed for development banks, microfinance institutions, provident/pension funds, associations, and cooperatives through the UNCDF-led Pacific Insurance and Climate Adaptation Programme.


UNCDF Advanced Sustainable Energy Access in 2023

Through digital solutions and innovative financing mechanisms, UNCDF is ensuring that clean energy and cooking options are both affordable and attainable for the world's most vulnerable communities.


Bangladesh Wins Global Center on Adaptation Award for Local Climate Leadership at COP28

During the COP28 climate conference held in Dubai, Bangladesh has secured the Global Center on Adaptation Locally Led Adaptation championship Award in the category of Innovation in Developing Finance.