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Microfinance and Household Poverty Reduction: New Evidence from India

Estimating the welfare effects of MFI loans for productive purposes

Sensitivity of Loan Size to Lending Rates: Evidence from Ghana's Microfinance Sector

Testing elasticity of loan size to change in interest rates

Vulnerability and Poverty in Bangladesh

Understanding the dynamics of poverty

Targeting the Poor versus Financial Sustainability and External Funding: Evidence of Microfinance Institutions in Ghana

Analyzing potential trade-off between financial sustainability and outreach

Does Microfinance Reduce Poverty in India?

Analyzing impact of MFI access on household poverty

Financial Crisis in Asia and the Pacific Region: Its Genesis, Severity and Impact on Poverty and Hunger

Understanding implications of the financial crisis on poverty reduction

Millennium Development Goal of Halving Poverty in Asia and the Pacific Region: Progress, Prospects and Priorities

Have Millennium Development Goals of poverty reduction borne results in Asia?
Case Study

The Regulation of Microfinance Institutions: A Zambian Case Study

Analyzing impact of regulation on the Zambian microfinance sector