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The Role of Microfinance in Household Livelihood Adaptation in Satkhira District, Southwest Bangladesh

How microfinance can help the poor adapt to climate change

Pathways Out of and Into Poverty in 36 Villages of Andhra Pradesh, India

A search for the most effective methods to measure poverty

Gender Norms in Financial Markets: Evidence from Kenya

An analytical approach to examining gender influence on the demand and access to financial services

Imperfect Substitutes: The Local Political Economy of Informal Finance and Microfinance in Rural China and India

Understanding reasons for continued existence of informal finance

Improving Design and Performance of Group Lending: Suggestions from Burkina Faso

What steps should MFIs take to expand outreach at the least cost?

Microequity and Microfinance

Can microequity finance be preferable to microcredit programmes?
Case Study

Micro-credit and Emotional Well-being: Experience of Poor Rural Women from Matlab, Bangladesh

Does microcredit cause more stress amongst rural poor women in Bangladesh?

Microcredit and the Poorest of the Poor: Theory and Evidence from Bolivia

What determines the depth of outreach?