Finance for local development: new solutions for public-private action

Guidelines for designing effective support to local microfinance initiatives
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This manual, which the result of a collaboration between the New Economics Foundation, Evers & Jung, Fondazione Choros and INAISE, provides frameworks for the design and implementation of effective public support strategies and mechanisms for local and microfinance.

The four organizations worked in partnership on "Getting the Framework Right: Public Support Strategies and Mechanisms for Local and Microfinance" a project which looked at best practice in public support to local and microfinance, and drew together the experience of policy measures to support local and microfinance in 10 European countries and the EU itself, as well as case studies of best practice from Europe, North America and developing countries.

The resulting manual:

  • Sets out a wide range of financial instruments to meet different public policy goals;
  • Provides guidelines for designing effective support for microfinance initiatives in a local area;
  • Brings together the current state of practice in Europe, and draws on good practice internationally.

The manual is especially targeted at public officials at the local, regional and national levels, as well as practitioners and investors in the social economy. 

About this Publication

By Evers, J., Fisher, T., Foschi, L., Guene, C., Jung, M., Rodriguez, M. & Vandemeulebroucke, V.