2008 Partnership Forum for Making Finance Work for Africa: Forum Proceedings

Proceedings from "Partnership Forum for Making Finance Work for Africa”", 2008, Accra, Ghana,

This paper reports the proceedings of the first Partnership Forum of Making Finance Work for Africa that was held in Accra, Ghana, on June 17-18, 2008.The Partnership for Making Finance Work for Africa supports African countries in facilitating financial sector development and thereby accelerating economic growth and reducing poverty. The paper states that the Partnership's work recognizes that inclusive financial sectors drive private sector development, employment generation and equitable growth in Africa. It aims to facilitate financial sector development activities at country and regional levels, promote public and private sector initiatives and increase efficiency of development partner support. The Forum gathered more than 350 senior financial sector actors, including leaders of banks, government officials, Central Bank governors and deputy governors, MFIs, researchers and international experts. The forum was convened to:

  • Turn the Partnership's objectives into operational ones and establish priority areas of action;
  • Showcase innovative ideas, tools, expertise and initiatives in support of African financial sector development;
  • Provide a platform to link policy makers, private sector innovators and technical assistance providers and to identify potential stakeholders.

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