Microcredit as a Tool of Ethical Financing for Sustainable Development

Discussing potential of microfinance as a tool for ethical and alternative financing
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This publication presents edited versions of presentations made at a seminar organized by the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA) during its Annual General Meeting held in Malta in April 2010.

The publication contains papers on issues, markets and regulations related to microfinance, and case studies of various microfinance initiatives. Topics addressed include:

  • Microfinance, economic growth and sustainable development in a global economy;
  • FEBEA and ethical finance;
  • Microfinance as an emerging asset class;
  • Microfinance in Europe;
  • Constraints and opportunities in financing small businesses;
  • Maltese legislations and strategy on microcredit and microfinance in situations.

The case studies profile a foundation for empowerment and social cohesion in the Mediterranean region, efforts to develop ethical banks in Palestine following an Italian model and an alternative bank in Norway.

About this Publication

By Delia, E. (Ed.)