Future Vision: Microfinance in Yemen

Developing the microfinance sector in Yemen
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This paper highlights important issues related to the banking and microfinance sector of Yemen. It seeks to focus the efforts by banks and the government  towards expanding and developing microfinance as an important mechanism to improve the economic and social conditions of the poor. The paper notes that microfinance is crucial for creating employment opportunities and reducing poverty in Yemen. It discusses the following sections:
  • Economy of Yemen;
  • Banking sector with a focus on number of active providers, volume of deposits, outreach, and the challenges that the sector faces;
  • Social safety net in Yemen;
  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), non-financial services for SMEs, and their relationships with the banking sector;
  • Strategic requirements for the development of the microfinance sector and the roles of various stakeholders in its development.

About this Publication

By Al-Lai, M.S.