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The Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) is a global non-profit organization consisting of over 3,000 members from every region and multiple microfinance stakeholder groups. Its mission is to engage with microfinance stakeholders to develop, disseminate, and promote standards and good practices for SPM and reporting. SPTF focuses on promoting the SPTF Universal Standards for Social Performance Management, with the vision that SPM become standard business practice and is considered fundamental to achieving client-centered microfinance. 

CERISE is a knowledge exchange network for microfinance practitioners offering the SPI4 Social Audit Tool (Social Performance Indicators 4) - a comprehensive social audit tool that assesses an institution's current level of social performance, and provides analysis of current strengths and gap areas.  

Microfinance Transparency is a global initiative for fair and transparent pricing in the microfinance industry. The website contains tools for calculating transparent prices, presentations and videos, papers, and a blog on the organization’s work.

MIMOSA - The Microfinance Index of Market Outreach and Saturation (MIMOSA) is an effort to fill an important gap in the sector by establishing a standard framework for measuring credit saturation. In doing so, it gives market participants – MFIs, investors, and regulators – a tool that can guide important planning decisions that avoid excessive saturation and overindebtedness, while highlighting areas that remain underserved.

MIX Social Performance Resource Center - The Microfinance Information eXchange (MIX) has integrated a set of social performance indicators into its regular financial service provider (FSP) reporting database. The website provides information on the indicators and how they are processed, as well as original research and analysis on social performance reporting in the microfinance industry.

Partnership for Responsible Financial Inclusion - Formed in 2011, the Partnership for Responsible Financial Inclusion (formerly the Microfinance CEO Working Group) is a collaborative effort of leading international organizations. Harnessing the power of the CEOs and their senior managers, the PRFI advocates for responsible financial services and seeks catalytic opportunities to accelerate financial access to the unserved.

Poverty Assessment Tools is a website that provides free access to all USAID-certified poverty assessment tools and accompanying training materials designed to measure extreme poverty at the household level.

Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) - The United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Initiative is an international network of investors working together to put the six Principles for Responsible Investment into practice. Its goal is to understand the implications of sustainability for investors and support signatories to incorporate these issues into their investment decision making and ownership practices. 

Progress Out of Poverty Index (PPI) is a poverty measurement tool developed by Grameen Foundation for the microfinance industry, to foster good practices for measuring the progress of individuals’ movement across poverty lines. The website provides PPI toolkits by country, implementation guidance, and case studies from users. 

The Smart Campaign is a global effort to unite microfinance leaders around a common goal: to keep clients as the driving force of the industry. The Client Protection Principles are the focus of this goal, and the website contains information on the campaign and its six principles, along with related tools and resources for both microfinance institutions and networks and associations.

SPTF Outcomes Working Group promotes strong outcomes management by financial service providers, investors, and other stakeholders, through sharing of good practice, development and dissemination of resources, and facilitation of support to key initiatives. The working group is open to all and is facilitated by Amelia Greenberg, Deputy Director of the SPTF.

SPTF Responsible Microfinance Facility is funded by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the Government of Luxembourg. SPTF is managing the RMF, in collaboration with Smart Campaign. The purpose of the RMF is to strengthen capacity and social performance management (SPM) practices of providers in Africa and the Middle East. The RMF will operate through 31 December 2021.The RMF offers trainings and provides co-financing to providers for certain activities. 

SPTF Social Investor Working Group works to advance responsible investment in financial inclusion, and is open to all investors seeking financial and social returns. The working group meets twice a year in person, once in February/March and once in June (in conjunction with the SPTF Annual Meeting), and holds several webinars throughout the year. The working group is facilitated by SPTF Secretariat member Leticia Emme. If you have any questions or wish to join the Social Investor Working Group, please contact her here:

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