A provider's social performance refers to its effectiveness in achieving its stated social goals and creating value for clients. Social performance management (SPM) refers to the systems that organizations use to achieve their stated social goals and put customers at the center of strategy and operations. If a provider has strong SPM practices, it is more likely to achieve strong social performance.

There is no single formula for successful SPM. However, the industry has recognized a set of core management practices that constitute “strong” SPM. These practices form the Social Performance Task Force Universal Standards for Social Performance Management. The SPTF Universal Standards Implementation Guide describes these standards, as well as practical guidance for how to achieve them. 

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The report highlights internal and external factors impacting social and solidarity economy organizations in their social innovation process and presents a set of policy recommendations to unlock their potential.


This publication is the world’s first microfinance social performance report grounded in customer voices, featuring 72 microfinance organizations that serve a total of 25 million clients in 41 countries across the globe.


This report aims to contribute to building a framework of actionable indicators based on the SDG targets that can answer the need for a simple, credible methodology to monitor outcomes.

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