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Advanced Program on Financial Inclusion, Social Performance Management and Data Analysis

This program will allow microfinance managers, consultants and trainers to develop the theoretical and practical skills necessary to improve the performance of their organizations.

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Incorporating Environmental Criteria in Social Performance Management Standards

The updated Universal Standards provide improved, more practical guidance for financial service providers.


BBVA, Europe’s Most Sustainable Bank for the Third Year in a Row, According to S&P

BBVA achieved the highest score (100 points) in several areas: financial inclusion; environmental and social information; human capital development; materiality; fiscal strategy; crime prevention; public influence or lobbying; and human rights.


Social and Solidarity Economy: Social Innovation Catalyst in Africa?

The report highlights internal and external factors impacting social and solidarity economy organizations in their social innovation process and presents a set of policy recommendations to unlock their potential.

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What 18,000 Clients Say About Their Microfinance Experience

A new Microfinance Index captures client-level outcomes across five dimensions of impact, providing us with key insights that help us understand how client outcomes vary with different types of microfinance services.


60 Decibels Microfinance Index

This publication is the world’s first microfinance social performance report grounded in customer voices, featuring 72 microfinance organizations that serve a total of 25 million clients in 41 countries across the globe.


FFRI-CAC Fund Offers Co-Financing in Social Performance to Strengthen Caribbean MFIs

The Fund seeks to strengthen the capacities and practices of inclusive financial service providers in the Caribbean countries by offering co-financing for social rating, client protection certification, seminars specialized in social performance management.


Outcomes Management for Financial Service Providers: A Proposed Standard Framework Aligned With the Sustainable Development Goals

This report aims to contribute to building a framework of actionable indicators based on the SDG targets that can answer the need for a simple, credible methodology to monitor outcomes.

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Universal Standards for Social and Environmental Performance Management

The Universal Standards help financial service providers put clients and the environment at the center of all strategic and operational decisions, with the result that clients benefit from using financial products and services.


MicroRate's Top Rated MFI List 2021

MicroRate congratulates all of these entities for the remarkable effort in terms of Institutional and Social Performances, even in the face of an adverse context in the places where they operate.