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Digital Transformation: Who Is in the Driver's Seat?

The role of executive leadership is key for microfinance institutions to move successfully towards the digital future.

FinDev Blog

How To Get a Historic Bilateral Deal to Share Agent Banking Infrastructure

Scale2Save partners FINCA and Centenary Bank in Uganda go from competition to cooperation, sharing service-distribution infrastructure for the benefit of end-user low-income customers.

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Going Digital Is Not Enough to Reach Scale

More radical organizational change - in the form of self-management - is needed to solve microfinance’s optimization problem. 

FinDev Blog

Three Principles to Help Financial Cooperatives Weather the COVID-19 Storm

What can financial cooperatives and their supervisors do to manage the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic?

FinDev Blog

COVID-19: Why Policymakers Need A Gender-focused Approach for Health and Economic Recovery

Based on the evidence thus far, the global pandemic has the potential to deal a one-two punch: a major global health crisis and a global economic crisis that will persist well after the slowing down of the immediate health emergency. While these shocks affect everyone, women - who comprise 1.5 billion of the world’s low-wage workers and twice as many of its carers - may be particularly vulnerable to the economic and health crises that unfold in the wake of COVID-19.


Supervising Corporate Governance During Crises

Ten key issues that boards and senior management teams need to address
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The Dynamic Learning Playbook

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Roadmap to Funding for Financial Institutions

A practical guide to understanding the requirements to secure funding

Make Change Happen: Getting Insurance Providers Ready To Better Serve Low-Income Households

Six steps to help insurance providers design a change management strategy
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Leadership and Organizational Culture in Customer Centricity: The Journey of AMK Cambodia

Decoding the DNA of a customer-centric organization