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External Webinar

Digitalization in Finance

The Core Principles for effective banking supervision have been amended to reflect the impact of new risks, including risks relating to the ongoing digitalization of finance. This panel will discuss regulatory and supervisory implications of innovative technologies and their applications, as well as new competitors and business models.

External Webinar

Financial Risks and Macroprudential Supervision

The post-Global Financial Crisis (GFC) period has seen banks continue to build their resilience to financial risks, underpinned by stronger regulatory and supervisory frameworks, including the Basel III standards. This panel will focus on the experience with macroprudential regulation, supervision, and tools across jurisdictions.


Supervising Inclusive Financial Sectors

This TC Note brings together principles and practices related to financial sector oversight that are relevant to financial inclusion, including proportionate regulation, risk-based supervision, and consumer empowerment.


Supervising Migrant Insurance and Pensions

This TC Note explains why insurance and pensions for migrant workers is an important area of focus for supervisors.


Food Security: Implications for Supervisors

This Note examines the topic of food security addressing the issues that supervisors face, given their mandate and the overlap of issues.


Supervisory Implications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This Note describes some of the uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning by financial institutions; considers the supervisory responses to such uses; and highlights some ways in which supervisory authorities can themselves use AI and ML to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of supervision.

External Webinar

Breaking the Gender Bias in Finance


Financial Literacy and Digital Financial Inclusion: Supervisory Policy and Practice

This Note recommends measures that regulators and supervisors can put in place to address some of the barriers to financial literacy and thereby enhance financial inclusion.


New: Gender-Aware Supervision Toolkit to Assist Financial Supervisors With Integrating Gender Dimensions Into Their Practices

The toolkit, First Step: Integrating Gender into Technology-Enabled Financial Sector Supervision, is intended to help supervisory authorities at all levels of gender-awareness. 

Guide / Toolkit

Gender-Aware Supervision Toolkit

This practical, hands-on resource intends to highlight the relevance of gender inclusion and awareness to supervisory authorities and support them in taking their next steps towards more gender-aware supervision.