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Designing and Delivering Government-Led Graduation Programs for People in Extreme Poverty

This paper shares insights and learning from four non-governmental organizations on the potential to scale up government-led Graduation programs for people living in extreme poverty.


Poverty Alleviation and Interhousehold Transfers

Evidence from BRAC's Graduation Program in Bangladesh
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Last Mile Delivery or Deadlock

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Building Resilience in Real Time

Organizations implementing the graduation approach need tools to manage their different program components effectively. Mobile and cloud technology are helping them to support poor women on their path out of poverty. 


Fonkoze’s CLM Ultra Poverty Programme

Understanding and improving child development and child well-being

No Household Left Behind: Afghanistan Targeting the Ultra Poor Impact Evaluation

Effect of the "Targeting the Ultra Poor" program on the well-being of poor households

Pathways to Sustained Exit From Extreme Poverty

Evidence from Fonkoze’s extreme poverty ‘graduation’ program

Targeting the Ultra-Poor

Lessons from Fonkoze’s Graduation Program in Haiti