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What Win-Win Lost: Rethinking Microfinance Subsidy in the Past and Designing for the Future

This working paper calls for reclaiming the power and value of subsidy to accomplish policy goals in order for the future of social investment in microfinance to be more effective.

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Rising Interest Rates, a Strong Dollar and Global Inflation Could Burden MFIs

How will the evolving global macroeconomic situation impact the microfinance sector in emerging markets? Financial inclusion consultant Erik Geurts shared his thoughts on a recent Let's Talk Microfinance podcast. 


Bangladesh: Government Moves to Cut Microcredit Service Charge

An 11-member committee, headed by Grameen Bank Chairman Prof Dr A K M Saiful Majid, has been formed to look into the cost of the MFI's services and to determine if there is any scope to reduce the charges.


Thai Household Debt Skyrockets from Credit Cards, Loans and Car Loans

The Bank of Thailand has been asked to review the ceiling of interest rates and supervise credit cards, personal loans and car loans, as the Thai government has vowed to tackle high household debt, incurred by credit card and personal loans.


The Price of Being Banked: A Study on Transparency and Cost of Leading Banking Services Sold in Kenya

Results and recommendations from mystery shopping surveys with the country's 11 largest banks

Loan Pricing of Nigerian Microfinance Banks: Survey & Methods of Assessment

Driving factors of high interest rates and how to reduce the cost of borrowing

The Impact of Interest Rate Ceilings on Microfinance Industry

How the supply of credit effects interest rate ceilings
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Pricing for Microinsurance: A Technical Guide

Discussing general pricing elements of microinsurance products

Health Microinsurance Scheme Design and Pricing: Lessons from Four Countries

Designing effective health microinsurance schemes at best prices

Finance and Social Responsibility in the Informal Economy: Institutional Voids, Globalization and Microfinance Institutions

Understanding how globalization influences MFI’s capability to overcome institutional voids