Unlocking Women's Financial Inclusion in Africa: Understanding the Gender Gap

CGAP, in partnership with Cenfri and Afriqinsights and with support from SECO, is pleased to present a two-part webinar series focused on surfacing and dissecting practical solutions to addressing the gap in women’s financial inclusion in Africa. The series focuses on learning from Ghana's digital financial services gender gap.

Ghana’s ecosystem for digital financial services has grown rapidly and contributed to a spike in financial inclusion. According to the Findex, 58 percent of adults in Ghana now have access to a financial account. Yet there remains a significant gender gap in the uptake and usage of digital services. For instance, the gap in access to accounts is 8 percentage points. To better understand factors contributing to the gender gap, CGAP engaged AfriqInsights to review available data, engage financial service providers and conduct focus group discussions with women to provide insights and deliver actionable recommendations.

In this webinar, the panelists will explore the results of this 2020 study and present regulators and providers with a clear, data-driven picture of the issues that different segments of women in Ghana and Africa more broadly are facing when it comes to digital financial inclusion. The expert panel will include representatives from the Bank of Ghana and the Ministry of Finance in Zambia, both of which play a significant role in driving women’s financial access, as well as the African Development Bank, which brings an Africa-wide perspective.

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