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FinEquity Facilitator (Consultant)

Case study

TymeBank Case Study: The Customer Impact of Inclusive Digital Banking

The aim of this research is to shed light on the potential of digital banks to deepen financial inclusion in a way that improves the lives of low-income customers.

External Webinar

Tackling the Root Causes of Women's Financial Exclusion

Part of the World Bank Group's Gender Equality and Development +10: Accelerate Equality initiative, this webinar brought together funders and facilitators to share how they diagnose gender norms that impact women’s financial inclusion and economic empowerment in specific country contexts, and how they use these insights to shape their strategies to create a more gender-equitable financial system. 


2020 Trends in International Funding for Financial Inclusion

International funders committed approximately $58 billion to financial inclusion in 2020, a $6 billion increase from the prior year. Commitments from public funders continued to drive growth.

Slide Deck

Financial Solutions for Women in Rural and Agricultural Livelihoods

This research provides insights on the disproportionate need and strategic opportunity for improving the lives and livelihoods of rural women.


CGAP Appoints New CEO

The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor announced yesterday that Sophie Sirtaine has been selected as its new CEO after an extensive international search process.


Addressing Gender Norms to Increase Financial Inclusion: Designing for Impact

This guide advocates for funders to use the market system development approach and proactively take gender norms into account when working to increase women’s financial inclusion.


CGAP Seeks to Partner With Microfinance Providers to Digitize Lending

CGAP aims to support up to five MFIs in two workstreams: 1) A measurement workstream to assess the impact that MFIs’ digital solutions, and 2) An automation workstream to automate the repeat loan process, particularly for MFIs’ existing MSE clients.


Call for Expressions of Interest: Financial Services Providers Using Data for Financial Inclusion

CGAP is looking to partner with financial services providers and others involved in providing financial services that are using or would like to use data-driven approaches to expand or improve the way they serve poor people.


Business Her Own Way: Creating Livelihoods Through Informal Online Commerce

This Focus Note outlines the characteristics of informal online commerce (IOC), maps the personas of the women who engage in it, and provides guidance to funders looking to support women to generate livelihoods through IOC.