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Call for Expressions of Interest: Financial Services Providers Using Data for Financial Inclusion

CGAP is looking to partner with financial services providers and others involved in providing financial services that are using or would like to use data-driven approaches to expand or improve the way they serve poor people.

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Gender Transformative Business Models: Opportunity to Action

This interactive, virtual event brings together leading global corporates, standout local businesses and high-level thought leaders to reflect and act on opportunities to build more gender transformative business models.


Business Her Own Way: Creating Livelihoods Through Informal Online Commerce

This Focus Note outlines the characteristics of informal online commerce (IOC), maps the personas of the women who engage in it, and provides guidance to funders looking to support women to generate livelihoods through IOC.


CGAP Launches Call for Expressions of Interest for Financial Services for Digital Platform Workers in Emerging Markets

CGAP aims to support up to five digital platforms, financial service providers and/or fintech companies in developing innovative financial services for platform workers in emerging markets, who are typically underserved and/or have low incomes, particularly women workers.


Assets Matter to Poor People

This review is part of CGAP's undertaking to how asset ownership can lead to improvements in well-being for poor households and whether obtaining an asset through a loan or lease affects the benefits associated with ownership.


The Use of Agents by Digital Financial Services Providers

As distribution of digital financial services through agents increases, this Technical Note focuses on regulating agent models within an enabling framework that fosters financial inclusion.


Electric Bankers: Utility-Enabled Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa

Without appliances, people cannot make use of electricity. But how can low-income households afford costly electrical appliances? One answer is for utilities to offer consumer financing.


India's New Approach to Personal Data-Sharing

As more and more people begin to conduct transactions online, questions have emerged about how to provide millions of customers adequate data protection and privacy. India's solution to this challenge is account aggregators.


Inclusive Digital Banking: Emerging Markets Case Studies

What makes digital banking inclusive? This Working Paper takes a detailed look at how three digital banks in India, South Africa and the Philippines are innovating and driving financial inclusion.

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Designing Data Initiatives to Advance Financial Inclusion

This online tool is meant for donors and development finance institutions to leverage the potential of data to achieve financial inclusion impact.