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Making Consumer Protection Regulation More Customer-Centric

Addressing demands from emerging market authorities to help them move toward a more customer-centric approach

Microfinance and COVID-19: A Framework for Regulatory Response

A review of current practice in a range of countries to suggest steps forward

CGAP Launches Global Microfinance Survey to Inform COVID-19 Response

The survey is intended to gather data that MFI management teams, funders and policy makers all need to help these institutions and their low-income clients weather the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis.


Humanitarian Cash Transfers and Financial Inclusion

Highlighting key challenges in linking cash transfers to financial inclusion
FinDev Blog

COVID-19: How Does Microfinance Weather the Coming Storm?

If the microfinance sector is going to survive the pandemic, we need to treat COVID-19 as the fundamental threat to the industry that it likely is. 


Making Data Work for the Poor

With the rise of digital technologies, the use of personal data by private companies is growing rapidly. But how do we know they will use this data responsibly and in consumers’ best interests?

Should data collectors take greater responsibility for protecting customers' data?

CGAP Smallholder Families Data Hub

Through simple, interactive data visualizations, this Data Hub puts at providers’ fingertips more than 300,000 data points from CGAP’s demand-side smallholder research, enabling them to look for promising business opportunities to develop products and serve these families.


Trends in International Funding for Financial Inclusion

Conducted annually since 2008 and in partnership with MIX since 2012, the Funders Survey is the most comprehensive resource available on international funding for microfinance and financial inclusion.