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Instant Payments and Merchants — Pricing Policy Considerations

This technical note helps explain why changes in instant payment pricing are occurring, assesses their impact on market development, and offers suggestions for the path forward.


Starting the Transaction: Payment Initiation and Customer Experience

This technical note is framed to help policymakers and payment system operators understand recent trends in payment initiation and customer experience in making interoperable payments work better for low-income populations.

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Global Landscape: Data Trails of Digitally Included Poor (DIP) People

This reading deck puts a spotlight on the specific data trails generated by digitally included yet poor people, the sources of these data trails, and variations of data trails across different segmentations.


Data Analytics Journey for Microfinance Data Analysts

This tutorial-style video takes you through the technical journey of data analytics function that supports data-oriented strategic decision making and business development of your company.


2021 Trends in International Funding for Financial Inclusion

CGAP’s annual Funder Survey breaks down financial inclusion funding data to offer new intelligence about who’s doing what and where—insights that could be used to inform future development programming and ultimately impact the lives of people living in poverty.


Business Intelligence: A Bedrock of Successful Digitization in Microfinance

Microfinance institutions that successfully generate value for their business and customers through digitization anchor these efforts in business intelligence. This Technical Note outlines an approach for improving business intelligence with interventions that require minimum or no investment in technology.


Emerging Trends in National Financial Inclusion Strategies That Support Women’s Entrepreneurship

This World Bank’s Women, Business and the Law - CGAP Brief presents data collected by the WBL project on how National Financial Inclusion Strategies can spur policy and regulatory reforms in support of women’s entrepreneurship.


Combining Open Finance and Data Protection for Low-Income Consumers

This CGAP technical note highlights the basic data protection provisions that should be in place for an open finance regime, as well as how they can be addressed through law and regulation.


Igniting SDG Progress Through Digital Financial Inclusion

This edition of SDG Progress provides extensive evidence-based examples of the benefits of digital financial services for the 13 relevant Sustainable Development Goals with a stronger focus on women and climate change.


Will Central Bank Digital Currencies be a Game-Changer for Financial Inclusion?

Are central bank digital currencies really the game-changer for financial inclusion that many claim? And how are central banks thinking about designing CBDCs to ensure that they achieve their goals?