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Will Central Bank Digital Currencies be a Game-Changer for Financial Inclusion?

Are central bank digital currencies really the game-changer for financial inclusion that many claim? And how are central banks thinking about designing CBDCs to ensure that they achieve their goals?

Guide / Toolkit

Implementation Guide for the G20 High-Level Principles for Digital Financial Inclusion

A guide and self-assessment tool for policymakers in various stages of digital development.

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The Promise of Fintech for Micro and Small Enterprises

This reading deck investigates the potential of technology-enabled business models to provide underserved micro and small enterprises with responsible financial services.


What Can Super Typhoon Rai Teach Us About Financial Inclusion?

This podcast episode features a Typhoon Rai survivor and the insurance provider that helped her rebuild her home. It explores the changing role of insurance and other financial services in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

External Webinar

Diagnosing Gender Norms in Financial Inclusion – What Are We Learning?

This dynamic webinar gave us a chance to hear from the participants of our CoLab as they share lessons learned about how to diagnose gender norms, their findings and how they plan to use these findings in their own effort to advance women’s financial inclusion and economic empowerment. 


CGAP Seeks Partners for Microfinance Digitization Community of Practice

The Community of Practice seeks to identify the fundamentals for building value with digital implementations, and will focus mainly on how to drive customer adoption in digital implementations.


Next Generation G2P Payments: Building Blocks of a Modern G2P Architecture

This report provides a framework for a modern G2P payments architecture which can support long-term development outcomes through the digitalization of G2P payments laying out a path to a better, recipient-centered G2P system.

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Agent Networks ​at the Last Mile: Implications for Financial​ Service Providers

This deck shares CGAP's and its partners' comprehensive compilation of recent global knowledge about how Cash-in/Cash-Out agent networks operate in different markets so that it can inform a similar dialogue among financial services providers, policy makers and regulators in other countries.

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Agent Networks​ at the Last Mile: Implications for Policy Makers

This reading deck for policy makers shows how rural Cash-in/Cash-out (CICO) agent network expansion is key to ensuring poor people can capture the benefits of digital financial ecosystems and presents a set of policies that have been effective in enabling rural CICO in a way that benefits vulnerable segments.

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Agent Networks at the Last Mile: Implications for Financial Regulators

This reading deck for regulators shows how expanding rural Cash-in/Cash-out (CICO) agent networks is key to ensuring more inclusive digital financial systems, illustrates industry innovations that are making rural CICO more viable and presents a set of regulatory considerations that can enable such innovations within a stable financial system.