Young Women’s Experiences of Using Digital Platforms to Earn a Living: Insights From Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria

Join Caribou Digital on International Women’s Day for a dialogue on their on-going research on women and platform work, in partnership with Mastercard Foundation. Building on findings from in-depth research with their partners Qhala in Kenya, Lagos Business School, Value for Women in Nigeria and University of Ghana, the moderated discussion will focus on the following:

  • How female platform workers view their work as “empowering” or not.
  • The drivers for digital financial services and skill building for women through platform work.
  • The ways in which COVID-19 impacted women platform workers positively and negatively.
  • What researchers themselves learned in pursuing this research.
  • Implications for relevant stakeholders (e.g. policy makers, platforms, labor unions).

About this event

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COP Topics:
Gender Data & Analysis, Digital Solutions, Financial Health