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Case study

Savings and Retail Banking in Africa

A case study on COVID-19: from a customer, retail banking and regulatory perspective


Moving Proximity From Critical Issue to Addressable Challenge

Possible approaches and tools

A New Banking Model for Africa: Lessons on Digitization From Four Years of Operations

A guide to support financial institutions embarking on their digital transformation

Changing Change Management: Adapting Internal and External Culture in Times of Digital Transformation

Guidance on the cultural and interpersonal aspects of this process for MFIs
Case study

Turning MFI Digital Strategies Into Reality

Learning from the experience of nine African MFIs deploying digital financial services

Small Businesses and Digital Financial Services

Predictive modelling and segmentation for market sizing and product design

Technical Brief: Who Were the Clients in the Building Assets, Unlocking Access Project?

Housing microfinance project report on client demographics, outcomes and impact

Building Assets, Unlocking Access: How Support Services Can Add to Housing Microfinance

Lessons learned and recommendations for future housing support services