Guidelines for Submitting Content

All content submitted to the FinDev Gateway is subject to review by the Gateway editorial team before publishing. The following guidelines are provided to help users prepare their submissions and understand the primary criteria used for publishing content on the FinDev Gateway.

For All Content Types (Announcements, Events, Jobs, Library Publications)

1. Subject matter: The content must relate to financial services for the poor, microfinance, and/or financial inclusion. Review our list of Topics for further information on topics that are included on the FinDev Gateway.

Submissions should be considered relevant and of interest to FinDev Gateway users, including but not limited to:

  • Financial service providers in developing countries (banks, MFIs, credit unions, savings groups, etc.);
  • Technical assistance groups working with financial service providers;
  • Donors;
  • Investors;
  • Researchers;
  • Students;
  • Governments;
  • Stakeholders from the ecosystem of related industries such as mobile network operators, technology companies, payments networks, credit bureaus, etc.

2. Language: The Gateway publishes content in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Arabic. The FinDev Gateway does not translate content. If an organization has a piece of content in more than one language, it needs to be submitted separately in order to display in both/all languages.

3. Diversity of content: The FinDev Gateway strives to present a diverse array of viewpoints, organizations and geographies.

Library Publication Guidelines:

In addition to the general guidelines above for all FinDev Gateway content, the following criteria also apply to submissions to the FinDev Gateway library:

1. Source: The Gateway accepts original works from both organizations and individuals. Documents submitted by individuals, including students, are subject to the following criteria:  

a. Must include a short bio of the author - in the document - in a format that allows the reader to easily assess the author’s qualifications.
b. Citations and references must be included.
c. Subject to review by plagiarism detection software. The Gateway follows strict rules on plagiarism and reserves the right to reject a document that might be disputed on grounds of plagiarism.

Note that the Gateway invites only PhD level thesis papers. We do not accept master’s level papers. If we are not sure about the authenticity, we may request a university contact, such as the thesis advisor, to verify a student’s affiliation and that the content is original.

2. Format: Documents in the Gateway library must be professional in appearance and free of grammar and typing errors. We suggest a font size of 10-12, spaces between paragraphs, and encourage the use of sub-headings to make the content reader-friendly.  If an individual submits a publication that does not meet these standards, we will reject the publication, let you know why it was rejected and allow you to submit an updated version.

3. Type of publication: As a public good, the Gateway only posts content that is available for free. We accept a wide range of document types including: books (available for free), case studies, guidebooks, operational tools and manuals, papers, toolkits, and web publications.  

We do not publish:

  • Annual reports;
  • Blog posts;
  • Draft papers which are not presented as a final product;
  • News articles;
  • Newsletters or bulletins;
  • Presentations;
  • Ratings.