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Illuminated by Data: New Tools to Develop Financial Solutions for Smallholder Families

There are an estimated 500 million smallholder families - representing about 2 billion people - around the world. Together, they make up one of the largest potential markets for financial services in many developing countries. Yet, reliable data on their financial lives and options is scarce. New tools from CGAP, MIX, One Acre Fund, and i2i shed light on this important client group by putting demand- and supply-side data at your fingertips.

How can you use these resources to develop financial solutions for smallholder farmers? In this webinar, CGAP, MIX, One Acre Fund, and i2i share the following tools.

  • CGAP Smallholder Families Data Hub: Interactive data visualizations allow you to explore 300,000+ data points from CGAP’s nationally representative smallholder household surveys in six countries. Gain insight into everything from smallholders’ income sources and regular expenses to their use of financial tools and attitudes toward providers.
  • i2i Open Data Portal: Incorporating data from CGAP’s demand-side smallholder surveys and financial diaries, the i2i open data portal allows you to dive even deeper and to compare and analyze the CGAPs datasets with data from 35 African and Asian countries. You can examine a smallholder’s household and see how they manage their finances over a 12-month period and then share these insights/ widgets in your reports and presentations or via social media.
  • MIX and One Acre Fund Smallholder Finance Product Explorer: MIX and One Acre Fund have teamed up to improve the quality and availability of operational data that helps drive product development. Currently in beta, the Smallholder Finance Product Explorer — which consists of rich data on smallholder finance products — enables financial services providers to share knowledge and learn from each other. Additionally, funders and investors can more easily identify partners and support them to develop, launch and refine farmer-centric products.

Speaker Bios

Michael dos Santos

Michael dos Santos

Institution :

Michael is the Portal Manager at i2i and has been part of the team since January 2016. Since joining i2i, Michael has focused on user interactions with large datasets, the visual clues that bring insights to decision-makers and digital strategies to improve financial inclusion.

Anne Maftei

Anne Maftei

Institution :
One Acre Fund

Anne is a Senior Analyst in One Acre Fund's Microfinance Partnerships team. Based in London, Anne is involved in the development and management of the Smallholder Finance Product Explorer in partnership with MIX and the Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab. Previous to joining One Acre Fund, Anne was an Associated Program Manager at the Mastercard Foundation, where she managed a portfolio of financial inclusion and rural and agricultural finance partnerships.

Henry Bruce

Henry Bruce

Institution :

Henry is the Director of Product at MIX. Based in New York, he manages the MIX Market suite of service and analysis products for clients across the financial services landscape. Prior to joining MIX, Henry spent 11 years with a global technology consultancy, working with top-tier investment and commercial banks in London and New York. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in electronic and computer engineering from Nottingham University.

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson

Institution :

Jamie is a senior financial sector specialist at CGAP focused on smallholder families. Prior to CGAP, Jamie worked as a Technical Advisor in Rural Finance at IFAD and an independent consultant for The Boulder Institute of Microfinance and GIZ.


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marco coppoolse 14 May 2018

will view next week ( tomorrow I am busy)

Jillann W. Ric… 09 May 2018

The link to the .pdf came back as "We’re sorry, we seem to have lost this page. We encourage you to search our site to find the content." (…)
Would you kindly email the .pdf to me, it would be appreciated. Thank you! I really enjoyed the presentation and I have been looking at the resources - wow!

gmanukyan 10 May 2018

Dear Jillann, the link was broken, indeed. We have fixed the issue and you should be able to access it above now.

Husnain Atta 09 May 2018

I over looked the time difference for the webinar on "Illuminated by Data: New Tools to Develop Financial Solutions for Smallholder Families".
Is it possible to share its presentation? or video?

Just to give you a brief introduction, we are doing farming and also providing Efficient Farming Solution in Pakistan to large number of farmers.

Sonya Vann DeLoach 08 May 2018

I'm associate editor of I'm wondering whether the webinar will remain online after today. Thanks

gmanukyan 08 May 2018

Dear Sonya, the webinar page will remain live. It will be updated to include the webinar recording along with webinar presentations no later than tomorrow.

Crispin Mbogo 05 May 2018

This is good news for us young researchers and higher learning institutions.

gmanukyan 08 May 2018

Thank you for your comment, Crispin. We hope you enjoyed the webinar, and if you missed it, you will be able to access the recording of it tomorrow at this same link.

Ogunpaimo olaniyi 25 April 2018

What will be your take on rural agriculturist that are willing to take financial aids/loans but reluctant to insure such investment?

gmanukyan 08 May 2018

Dear Ogunpaimo, thank you for your question. We hope you were able to attend the webinar to ask the presenters this question. If not, we encourage you to listen to the webinar recording (available on 9 May 2018), and if needed contact the speakers for further input. The presenters contact information will be made available through the webinar recording.

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