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Gender Responsive Approaches to Building Women’s Climate Resilience in Africa

Reflections on the climate session held in the FinEquity Africa Annual Convening 2024 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, exploring challenges and proposing what will be required for approaches with effective design and delivery of climate-smart financial solutions that will help women build resilience.  


Scaling Responsible Digital Payments in the Indonesian Cocoa Sector

For digital payments to be meaningful for farmers, the study finds that digitization needs to be strongly linked to access to a broader suite of financial services, to unlock farm investments and smooth day-to-day consumption. 


Symbiotics Capacity Building Enhances Access to Affordable Housing for Smallholder Farmers and Microentrepreneurs in Kenya

With funding from REGMIFA, Symbiotics Capacity Building facilitates the design and roll-out of JKL’s housing micro loan with the support of Housing Development Finance Consultants Africa “HDFC” Ltd.

Guide / Toolkit

Rural Women and Financial Inclusion

The purpose of this document is to highlight practical approaches put forward by the sector to guide the work of practitioners in promoting gender-responsive financial inclusion through the design and delivery of appropriate services and products.


Sierra Leone Government, EU, and UNDCF Officially Launch 'Salone Access to Finance' Project to Empower Farmers

This pioneering initiative will improve access to finance over the next five years, contributing to scale up digital financial solutions and piloting insurance to 500,000 low-income farmers, including women, youth entrepreneurs.


Facilitating Access to Finance for MSMEs in Agriculture in Sierra Leone

By addressing the need for improved access to financial services and support for MSMEs in agriculture, the project aims to contribute to the creation of jobs and the sustainable and inclusive economic development of the sector.

FinDev Guide

Resilient Rural Women: A Guide to Knowledge Resources

This guide points readers to relevant resources that shed light on rural women’s exposure to climate change and emerging solutions that help them adapt and build their resilience.

Guide / Toolkit

How to Foster Access to Finance for Women in the Agri-food Sector

This publication provides guidance on the challenges of promoting opportunities for improved livelihoods and better economic and social resilience for women engaged in the agri-food sector through access to financial services. 

Case Study

Increasing Access to Formal Financial Services

This learning brief describes three models that USAID-funded Feed the Future Rural Resilience Activity utilized to provide formal financial services, in particular credit and savings, to previously excluded populations in Northeast Nigeria.