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FinDev Webinar

Building Climate Resilience: What Can FSPs Do?

Financial inclusion can be a powerful tool to help the most vulnerable build resilience to the devastating impacts of climate change. This webinar (recording) looks at how financial service providers are approaching the issue of climate change with their clients.

FinDev Webinar

Evaluation and Support for Improving Inclusive Green Finance for MFIs - The Green Index

This webinar recording guides participants through the framework to assess environmental performance of financial inclusion and its operationalization for microfinance institutions.

FinDev Webinar

Key Performance Indicators for PAYGo PERFORM: How Far We Have Come

This webinar recording shares progress-to-date made by the PAYGo PERFORM working groups to develop a reporting framework and set of key performance indicators for the PAYGo solar industry. 

FinDev Webinar

Innovative Consumer Financing for Cooking Energy Access

This webinar explores various consumer financing approaches for expanding access to clean cooking fuels for household energy, including microfinance, pay-as-you-cook and digital finance.