As an independent knowledge-sharing platform, FinDev Gateway provides a neutral space for Communities of Practice (COPs) to convene and share their diverse ideas, resources and lessons on a wide range of topics related to financial inclusion.

FinDev Gateway increases the visibility of  COPs and facilitates outreach to new COP members. In addition, COP members benefit from access to a large library of publications, events, and other resources curated by FinDev Gateway editors or submitted by users. 

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Communities of Practice on FinDev Gateway



Globally, 2 billion people remain unbanked and women lag behind men in terms of access to formal accounts, credit and savings products. FinEquity, a global community to advance women's financial inclusion, is convened by CGAP. It provides facilitated platforms to share experiences, identify key challenges, document and discuss emerging good practices, and solve common problems associated with increasing equitable access to and use of a broad range of financial services. Learn More>

The PAYGo Performance, Reporting, and Measurement (PERFORM) initiative comprises investors (private and debt investors, local and international banks, and development finance institutions), PAYGo executives, and experts in energy and financial inclusion from around the world. Together, we are working to develop a reporting framework and set of key performance indicators for the PAYGo solar industry, building on previous work to this end by Lighting Global and GOGLA. The PAYGo PERFORM initiative is an open, transparent industry process that seeks the active involvement of stakeholders. It is led by Lighting Global, GOGLA; and CGAP. Learn More>