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The Banking on Change Youth Savings Group Model: From Saving and Learning to Banking and Earning

Practitioner’s guide of 10 principles for setting up Youth Savings Groups
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Why aren’t young people a part of savings groups? Is it worth including them? Banking on Change, a partnership between Barclays, Plan International UK and CARE International UK, sets out to find answers to these questions, looking into the challenges faced by young people globally. 

In this report, Banking on Change has compiled its learnings and experience of working with young people, along with feedback from a consultation conducted across those working in financial inclusion, and the findings from a piece of independent primary research conducted by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), into a Youth Savings Group Model - a practitioner’s guide of 10 principles for setting up Youth Savings Groups. This is intended to encourage more NGOs, policy makers and funders to incorporate young people into their programs.

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