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The RICHES Toolkit

Equipping women's economic empowerment actors with tools to mitigate harmful work for children and adults

The RICHES Toolkit has been designed for Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) Actors to equip them with practical ideas and tools to integrate and assess child protection and safe business practices throughout their work. For the purposes of the RICHES project, WEE Actors are any entity or individual that supports the development or expansion of women’s businesses, provides livelihood or financial services, and/or supports women (globally) in efforts to increase their access to economic opportunities, especially those living in developing economies.

The Toolkit has been designed to support a WEE Actor in taking a phased approach to integrating child protection. Almost all 13 guides and trainings containing 46 tools have been provided in English, French, and Spanish and a few tools in Filipino. All tools can be accessed in PDF format as well as in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to facilitate their adaptation and use.

About this Publication

By Amelia Kuklewicz, Bobbi Gray, Alison Bardsley, Beverly Brul, Deepa Ramesh, Chris Camillo, Guadalupe Portillo & Dorthy Mae Albiento